Thursday, April 16, 2009

They want their tea, but keep the change

Caution: some profanity. Deal with it.

As I was driving to rehearsal last night, I noticed a large group of placard-bearing people gathered outside the post office. When I reached the corner, I saw that we were having our very own tea party. One of the signs said "Impeach Obama." I figured that it was finally time to weigh in on this subject. I shall use as much tact and respect as my fellow citizens deserve.

These people are morons. They, and the fine folks at Fox News (where they likely get all of their "information"), would have us believe that this is a grass roots movement to fight the spectre of higher taxes and out-of control spending. Where were these people during the last 8 years? During the creation of a huge deficit? When we were spending all that money on the war? Oh, it involved guns? I guess that's ok, then.

This is not a grass roots movement. It's being funded and promoted by corporations that wish for everything to remain just as it is. God forbid the poor shouldn't stay poor, and corporate overlords shouldn't continue raping the country for their own selfish gain. They resist change, because change would take some of their golf club dues money away.

What these teabaggers have been fooled into thinking is that Obama wants to raise all our taxes. Even though only the most affluent will see any increase in taxes. Even though there has been NO indication that their taxes will go up, these mouth-breathers believe anything Limbaugh and Hannity tell them. They are protesting against something that DOESN'T EXIST!

Not only that, but they are, effectively, still campaigning. The election was won by those who desire change way back in November, but they're still campaigning, creating tea parties, producing commercials about "clean coal" and whatnot, continuing to -- and this is the scariest part -- perpetuate the divisiveness created by the previous administration! Instead of going with change and not being assholes, they are still fighting the fight, trying to undermine anything good that might happen in this country.

Just when we thought we could heal, the teabaggers are still picking the scab. Things will NEVER improve in this country unless there are some radical changes in how things are run. This can't happen if these idiots convince enough other idiots to stand in the way. These are not patriots. These are liars and thieves and the deluded Ditto-heads that listen to them. We voted the Republicans out in November. They should shut the fuck up.

And I don't really think they know what "teabagging" means.


  1. "And I don't really think they know what "teabagging" means."
    Awesome. Also, why weren't the Iraq protests on the front page of the Mining Journal during Bush's administration? One would think they would have been equally as newsworthy.

  2. Well, that was fun. I can't believe they actually made the front page of the newspaper. Oh, but I dislike your use of the word "scab". Ew.

  3. Awesome comment. Exactly right.