Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Ick That Wouldn't Die

At least once a year, I get a cold. As my family will tell you, I'm a whiny baby when I'm sick. It wouldn't be so bad, though, if it didn't last forever. Colds are supposed to last about 7 days. Mine can go up to two months, often morphing into bronchitis, pneumonia, and often including an earache in my left ear that leaves me with one ear to hear with.

I am currently on day 11. My coughing is persistent and annoying, and I hope I can keep it at bay tomorrow when I'm seeing a live performance. Pocket full 'o Halls. My voice has been through the usual progression of impersonations I can only do when sick: Charlie Brown, Eeyore, Emperor Palpatine, Movie Voice Guy. Also, I'll occasionally wake up with a swollen uvula(dangly thing at the back of the throat) so bad that it obstructs my speech. Actually went to the doctor the other day because it was so bad.

Bitch bitch bitch.