Saturday, April 21, 2012

Less of me

I'm not calling it a diet.

I'm calling it a change of lifestyle. A diet is something you do temporarily, whereas this is going to be a change that lasts forever.

It's nothing radical, because radical is short term. I'm just eating healthier. No fast food. No fatty or fried food. No desserts. Good bread. Every three weeks or so I'll cheat one meal just to not go crazy, because I can't imagine living in a world without Taco Bell (and no, fresco menu doesn't count).

I've lost 34 pounds as of today since January, though it might be more because I hadn't weighed in before that since October. Today I passed a personal milestone, so that's why I'm sharing.

I'm not stopping. I'm not going back. I WILL be able to buy pants in normal sizes. I will live longer and maybe get rid of the cane and the blood pressure meds.

I will not fail.