Thursday, March 12, 2009

Itty-bitty Watchmen review

I'm not going to go on and on here. Just wanted to weigh in on Watchmen, a movie many people have been clamoring for/fearful of since 1986. Clamoring because it's arguable the best comic series in history. Fearful because it's been considered nigh-unfilmable.

Well, all I'll say is that they made the best film they possibly could out of that book. Would it have been better, or more complete, as a 5-hour miniseries? Perhaps. But when adapting for film, you can't make a movie JUST for the fanboys and purists. Some concessions must be made for the good of the film and the good of future films that will be made of similar material. Precious few concessions were made, and I can live with all of them. It was remarkably true to the book, and a brilliant film. Fantastic experience, and highly recommended.

And please, PLEASE read the book. Nothing compares.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Big Fat Idiot

So now Rush Limbaugh is challenging/inviting Obama to come on his show to debate the issues. Some of the recent controversy with Rush is that some Republicans are saying that the brouhaha over Rush is a Democrat conspiracy to characterize Republicans as "angry white men." Personally it seems Rush is doing that himself, but whatever. He is in the spotlight right now because of his tiff with the ACTUAL head of the Republican party, who of course caved and apologized to Rush for daring to question his methods.

This is just another example of Republicans trying to divert attention from actually getting some good work done in favor of keeping the status quo for the "rich angry white men" who have been in charge for so long. Creating controversy like this is par for the course for these chuckleheads. But here's the thing; and this is what people should try to keep in mind, rather than be sucked into this crap. THE PRESIDENT DOESN'T HAVE TIME TO DEBATE A RADIO HOST! He has actual work to do. The debating happened during the campaign, which Rush's side lost in a big way. That ship sailed, fat man. Shut the hell up.