Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Better Use of Glenn Beck's Time

There are a whole lot of angry people in this country. Not as many as they would have you believe, but they are loud and ignorant, so we notice them more. I say we redirect their ire away from the issues they have been duped into fighting for and onto one much more pressing and deserving of this level of anger.

Froot Loops.

THEY CHANGED FROOT LOOPS! A favorite since my youth, I could always count on Froot Loops to taste and smell exactly the same. A wonderful, fruit-like goodness poured from the box, filling my heart with a kind of love that few have known.

And they've changed them.

In an effort to be "healthy," Kellogg's has added fiber. Fiber helps you poop, and pooping is good. However, they've also removed the little sugar granules that used to stick lovingly to the outside of each Loop, and they've screwed up the texture and taste of the cereal.

I'm experience a possibly inappropriate amount of rage over this, but WTF!? If you want fiber, buy Kashi. Don't mess with my Froot Loops.

And yes, I WILL be writing the company. You should, too. Not everything has to be good for you. Some things just have to be good.